Liberty Health Sciences Inc. – A Company That Will Lead The Way For Medical Marijuana

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. – A Company That Will Lead The Way For Medical Marijuana

liberty health sciences

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. is a company that will lead the way for medical marijuana. This provider of innovative technology platforms for the cannabis industry has a strong commitment to compliance and safety, as well as the provision of quality products. Liberty Health Sciences’ products are designed to improve patient care and support safer, more efficient production. The company has a long history of success, and it plans to continue leading the way in the medical marijuana industry.

History of Liberty Health Sciences

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. is a company that will lead the way for medical marijuana. Founded in 2009, Liberty is one of the longest standing companies in the medical cannabis industry. Liberty has a strong history of innovation and leadership in the field of medical marijuana.

Innovation is at the core of Liberty’s business model. Liberty believes that by being ahead of the curve, they can set the standard for quality and safety in the medical marijuana industry. This philosophy has led to several successful products and services for their patients.

One such product is Kannaway, which is an e-commerce platform that provides access to high-quality medical marijuana products from around the world. Kannaway partners with some of the top cultivators and dispensary operators in North America, Europe, and Latin America to bring their products to patients across Canada and beyond.

Kannaway also operates a chain of brick-and-mortar dispensaries called MediFarm. MediFarm was founded with the goal of providing quality customer service and effective delivery systems for medical marijuana products. The dispensary locations are designed with advanced security features to protect patients and staff from theft or unauthorized access.

Liberty’s commitment to quality extends beyond products and services though – it also applies to its cultivation facilities. Liberty plants only state-of-the-art strains in their facility in Ontario, Canada, which allows them to produce high quality products while ensuring optimal patient results.

How Liberty Health Sciences plans to lead the way for medical marijuana

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (the “Company” or “Liberty”) plans to be the leading provider of quality medical marijuana products and services. The Company has a strong management team with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, and is well-positioned to become a leading player in the medical marijuana market. Liberty’s focus on quality, customer service, and innovation will set it apart from its competitors.

The Company’s primary business strategy is to provide high-quality products at competitive prices through aggressive marketing and distribution channels. Liberty plans to establish a network of medical marijuana dispensaries across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. In addition, Liberty intends to develop research and development capabilities to R&D new strains of marijuana for use in medical applications.

The pharma background of the Company’s management team makes it well-positioned to benefit from the rapidly growing demand for medical cannabis products. Liberty estimates that the global market for medical cannabis products could be worth as much as $22 billion by 2020.

The legalization of medical marijuana in many U.S. states has created an opportunity for Liberty to become a major player in this fast-growing industry. The Company’s innovative business model and strong execution capabilities make it well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity.

What products does Liberty Health Sciences offer?

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (OTCQB:LHSI) is a publicly traded company that offers a diverse line of products and services throughout the cannabis industry. With its proprietary Liberty Leaf strain, LHSI promises quality products and unparalleled customer service.

The company’s core services include cultivation, production, processing, and dispensing of medical marijuana. It also provides advisory services to new and established dispensaries, research and development, branding and marketing, as well as patient care programs. Liberty Health Sciences has operations in five states including Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. The company’s goal is to become the most dominant player in the legal cannabis market.

Liberty Health Sciences’ commitment to quality is evident in its products. The Liberty Leaf strain is one of the most popular strains on the market because it offers users a balanced high with THC levels between 18% and 23%. Other high-quality strains offered by Liberty include White Widow and Skywalker OG. All of LHSI’s strains are lab tested for quality assurance purposes.

The company also makes it easy for patients to get their medication. Dispensaries can order product delivery directly from Liberty Health Sciences’ state-of-the-art distribution center or through partner dispensaries across the country. In addition to standard delivery methods such as UPS ground or FedEx Ground, LHSI offers special discounts for military veterans and seniors who qualify for government benefits.

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How does Liberty Health Sciences make money?

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. is a publicly traded company that provides medical marijuana products and services. The company operates through three business segments: Liberty Leaf, Liberty Health Sciences Florida, and Liberty Grow Labs. Liberty Leaf offers medical marijuana products in the form of buds, oils, tinctures, topicals, sublingual sprays, and capsules. Liberty Health Sciences Florida provides medical marijuana services to patients who are enrolled in Florida’s Medicaid program. Liberty Grow Labs conducts research and development on new cannabis strains for distribution by Liberty Health Sciences. The company was founded in 2013 and has since raised over $130 million in capital.

Liberty Health believes that its unique business model will lead the way for the future of medical marijuana. The company’s focus on quality products and services caters to a wide range of patients. Additionally, Liberty Health Sciences utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure that its products are safe and reliable. The company also takes pride in its social responsibility initiatives, which include donations to organizations that support health care reform and fighting cancer.

What are the risks associated with Liberty Health Sciences?

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. is a Canadian based medical marijuana company that has a long track record of success. The company plans to revolutionize the way medical marijuana is used by providing high quality products at affordable prices. Liberty Health Sciences is dedicated to providing its patients with the best possible service and products.

The company has a strong commitment to safety and quality, which is reflected in the fact that all of its products are tested before they are released to the market. Liberty Health Sciences also provides patients with helpful information and support to ensure they have the best experience possible when using its products.

The risks associated with Liberty Health Sciences are generally low and focus mainly on potential political or regulatory changes that could impact the company’s ability to operate legally and profitably. These risks include risks associated with new regulations or laws that could restrict or prohibit the use of medical marijuana, as well as risks related to competition from other companies operating in this market. While there are some risk factors associated with Liberty Health Sciences, these risks generally pale in comparison to those posed by traditional investments such as stocks or bonds.


Liberty Health Sciences Inc. is a company that will lead the way in the medical marijuana industry. The company has a history of success, starting with its acquisition of CannMart Inc., which was one of Canada’s leading licensed producers of medical cannabis. Liberty continues to make strategic acquisitions, such as the recent purchase of Acreage Pharms Ltd., which is one of North America’s leading producers and suppliers of medical cannabis products. Liberty Health Sciences is well positioned to dominate the Canadian market and become a major player in the global medical marijuana market.

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