How Social Media Stories Can Boost Your Business

How Social Media Stories Can Boost Your Business

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There is a common saying; a human being is a social animal. Talking about social animals, we are living in a world of social media. One thing that everyone goes checking early in the morning before even a shower is social media.

Social media found its place by evolving from MySpace to Facebook and Instagram. With the invention of blogging, posts, chats, etc., social media now seems to be a part of every industry.

The local business competition evolved and shifted online, targeting larger audiences. In a desire to achieve these goals, even small businesses explore new tech trends to engage with more users.

From all the latest tech trends, social media stories are grabbing the attention of audiences on a larger scale.

Impact of social media stories

In an interactive chain of events, social media stories are attracting the trendy lifestyles of social media users. Instagram and Snapchat influencers help other businesses to create brand awareness. It creates a different impact on the users, and the factor of relatability also grabs more relevant audiences/customers.

According to the survey, Facebook stories succeeded in creating a huge difference in promoting business. It is said to be 23% impactful, as it is used by 300 million people per day.

Still asking about the benefit? Well, it creates trust and builds up brands of the future, and margins of engagement also increase.

Clever ways to use social media stories for branding

There is no denying that; the content is king. Your social media story is also content that can make people learn about the latest happenings in your organization.

Therefore, it needs to be engaging, and one must learn some clever ways to make your content go viral on social media.

One way to improve the content is to use the tips or services from dissertation writing help for better results. Then, Grammarly is another tool to boost the brand through promotional stories.

You can learn more tactics and tips to increase content engagement by following the ways given below:

●      Polls

An interactive poll feature for the stories jumps up the height of user engagement. Within little time it proved to attract the attention of the audience. Poll questions can relate to any niche or even personal questions related to the daily lives of the user.

It creates a sense of affiliation. To use this tool, you can go for the A/B testing tool (asking for their preference). Also, it helps you to create a fad trend to test a theory before the product launch.

●      Links

YouTube bloggers have hit the market with the latest trends in using links. The tutorial video seems like a good strategy to promote the product. The bloggers also add links (for subscription or otherwise) to the product reviews.

Adding links to stories is a good tactic to increase sales and boost website traffic. For improved results, you can use another strategic tool, such as a URL shortener, to shorten links so it covers less space.

●      Location tags

One of the easiest ways to locate a business is by using location tags. It’s a great way to promote your business location if you are planning to target a niche according to area segment.

For instance, Snapchat geo-filters are accessible in the current location of its user. It’s quite like a digital sticker with a location tag to accessorize the post.

●    Mention your users

On a story, you can mention your users as well. You pay a blogger to promote the product, but it’s a two-way ticket. Tag your user (influencers), and you can increase their followers, and that is one of the trendiest tactics these days. It’s like a digital form of tagging.

●    Live video

Live broadcasts give an authentic feel to the users. You can see the reactions and comments online and provide live feedback too. Building trust matters to the users, and you can relate your experiences in a more personal way.

It suffices to say it’s one of the most interactive formats of live viewership. For instance, one must learn ways to utilize Facebook stories to promote their brand. It creates a huge market segment of niche audiences when Facebook influencers share the live feed.

●      Invite your visitors

A little tease is an excellent way to engage users actively.

Adding some Call-to-action is a way to increase its ratings. Add images with engaging and content-focused taglines. As it will urge the user to become curious, open the story, and click on the URL link given alongside.

Besides, guests tagging other users and even brands are one of the helpful strategies. The concept is like TV commercials, where a brand ambassador promotes the brand. Invite bloggers with huge followers.

Offer a special viewership or giveaways, so once they use your product, they will sell it out by giving a product review. Ask them to upload their social media stories on their profile and embed the link to the brand.

●      BTS (behind the scene) videos

Sharing the curtain view is another engaging scene. Certain brands are using behind the scene storytelling views. One of the emotional leverages a business can have over the user is to share what happens when the cameras are off. These consist of a short series of videos or funny GIFs. Once again, you can directly engage more by doing a life behind the scene video.

●    Leveraging influencers

Influencers, no doubt, bring a distinct edge to your brand. But if you need to influence the influencer before they can help you promote your business. By offering them the best co-working spaces as an offer to work with you.

Always look for an authentic influencer. Yes, the number of followers gives away how much the person is in the good books of the followers. The right marketing strategy also affects a good storyline.

Use the perfect strategy to leverage influencers on social media in an inconclusive way. It will promote not only the brand but also will create affection.

How to produce engaging social media story content

Some of the best co-working spaces have helped boost businesses overnight by saving costs on maintenance. Business needs to work smart; likewise, some tools are more useful than any other such as:

  • The use of Grammarly is the best way to make sure social media story content is precise, and with this, you can get a quick copy. Not only will this help you learn, but it will also produce more engaging content.
  • The use of Copyscape to avoid plagiarism is the most VITAL tool when it comes to producing engaging content. Be creative in content curation. Sometimes, it comes as easy as a piece of cake and sometimes not.
  • You can increase your readability scores. Such as using ReadablePro, enables you to assess the readability criteria of your content.
  • ●        Another way is to make sure the word count doesn’t vary. You need to produce content for social media stories with short taglines. Do it to the point, a phrase that would give a certain edge to your story. WordCountJet can be the guidance tool for making accurate content without exceeding the word count.

Famous brands that are crushing it with stories

Some of the famous brands chose a smart way. They made the right decision at the right time. They engage with their users by productively using social media stories. Some of the popular brands are mentioned below:

  • Starbucks – they are promoting their Unicorn Frappuccino by using a fruity and bright color, promoting the theme of the beverage.
  • IHop – they changed its brand name to IHob (with a “b”), questioning users to guess what it stands for.
  • Wix – they used stories to promote video features during the Super Bowl campaign.
  • Airbnb used its Facebook story live feature to promote the travel experience, etc.

Your brand can also be on the list if you apply the tactics and tricks we discussed in the article. Tips given in the articles are recommendations from experts. You can make use of the given tools to achieve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, along with the engagement of the content.

While Summing Up…

Stories are bringing new moves to the table. Therefore, brands need to work in the right manner to engage their audience. Give your brand a twist on the latest strategies by making the social media stories of your page more engaging and eye-catching. Your new business idea is ready to launch if you understand the tactics of marketing.

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