Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2023
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Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2023

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The bathroom may be rooted mostly in function, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a prime space to exercise a bit of creativity. Whatever the design, your layout should be made to last. However, building a design to last doesn’t mean being stuck with dated styles or finishes. Some of 2023’s hottest trends are sure to last. Whether you have a small bathroom or you are looking to design a luxury retreat, there are plenty of trends to look forward to in 2023.

Bathroom Renovations 2023

There are 2022 trends set to continue throughout 2023, including big bold tiles and light, nature-inspired tones and textures. So, before you plan your big bathroom renovation, check out these trends.

  • Country Rustic

Picture the French countryside, it’s equal parts rustic and refined with a touch of weathered luxury that nobody can resist. What better trend for a bathroom in 2023? The beauty of country rustic is it provides a touch of understated elegance. If you want a balance of relaxed, but classic, country rustic is ideal. It incorporates natural colours, textures, and finishes, as well as aged metals. You can use shades of white and grey, as well as natural greens and earthy pinks.

  • Gothic

It might seem heavy for a bathroom, but if the design is done right, it can provide you with a dramatic oasis. To capture the gothic style, you should incorporate rich, dark colours and utilise ornate details. There is a lot of focus on vertical elements as well. What modern gothic style has done, however, is welcome more modern trends such as industrial. It provides the drama of classic gothic style but remains refreshing enough to work in a bathroom.

To achieve this look in the bathroom, introduce linear elements, brass, and a layer of dark colours. For example, you can choose black marble but lighten it with the opulence of gold veining. It provides you with a traditional vanity, that screams moody.

  • Bold Marble

Marble will always be on trend, but in the past, people were limited to shades of white and grey. Today’s offering is much wider, and you can embrace bold marbles to jump on the trend of dramatic tiles. Whatever the colour, marble provides a polished, honed texture to build your bathroom style around. You can opt for a neutral base and embrace the drama of a bold, colourful vein, whether it’s gold, purple, gold, black or even green. That doesn’t mean you need to go marble floor-to-ceiling. You can use marble to create a stunning wet area or as a statement wall.

  • Cottage-core

Goth-core walked so cottage core could run. Forget minimalism, cottage core is all about embracing patterns, textures, and colours and going all out. How maximum you take your maximalism is up to you. The intensity of cottage-core décor can be as simple as a dainty floral wallpaper pattern or as outrageous as neon frills.

You can get the cottage core look for yourself by opting for traditional furniture, wainscoted walls, and aged brass fittings. While there are many colours to choose from, cottage core is exemplified by racing greens, duck egg blues, and varying shades of pink. Ultimately, the entire aesthetic revolves around an idealised image of country life. You can embrace a subtle interpretation or you can go dramatic.

How A Specialist Can Help With Your Bathroom Renovation

Renovating bathrooms is challenging work, you need a skilled professional to help. A dedicated bathroom renovation specialist can design the bathroom of your dreams and handle all the work, from start to finish. What better way to get your desired bathroom in Sydney than to let the experts tackle the project!

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