Washing Makeup Brushes With Dawn In 2023

Washing Makeup Brushes With Dawn In 2023

Washing Makeup Brushes

To ensure your makeup brushes stay clean and fresh, washing them with Dawn is the most effective method. This method also helps prevent overspending on buying new brushes or other products.

This is the way!

It would help if you used Dawn dishwashing liquid. It’s the best thing for cleaning paintbrushes but also the best for cleaning makeup brushes.

It works great because it combines soapy suds and a grease-cutting degreaser. The suds loosen up all the makeup on your brush while the degreaser cuts through all that oil buildup from your foundation and eyeliner.

You can use this technique with any makeup brush—whether you’re using natural hair or synthetic bristles (synthetic bristles don’t absorb as much bacteria), whether they’ve got flat tops or dense domes (the shape doesn’t matter), even if they’re big or tiny (the size of your brush doesn’t matter either).

Step 1. Spray your brushes with some liquid soap. I use Dawn

  • Spray your brushes with some liquid soap. I use Dawn because it’s inexpensive and works well, but you can use whatever soap you want. 
  • Swirl the brush around in the water for 30 seconds or so (or until most of the makeup is gone). 
  • Rinse off all excess water by running them under running water for about 10 seconds each time (this step is crucial if you want to avoid clogging up your sink).

Step 2. Swirl brushes onto a paper towel for about 15 seconds.

After swirling your brush for 15 seconds, you’ll need to remove any remaining makeup from the tool. We recommend using a clean paper towel on this step to avoid getting any dirt or debris back into your brushes. Swirl the damp bristles in a circular motion against the paper towel until you feel confident that no more makeup is left on them. The process may take 10 to 20 seconds, depending on the residue left after rinsing with cold water!

Step 3. To ensure all the makeup is removed from your brush, it’s recommended to use a fresh paper towel.

You may think you’re done and can toss out your old paper towel, but don’t do it! Instead, take the same paper towel and blot out any excess water from your brush. If there’s still some soap residue left in the bristles, try using another clean paper towel to gently scrub it into the strands until the soap is gone; otherwise, leave them as-is to dry naturally overnight or in front of a running fan for a few hours.

Step 4. Lay your brushes on a drying rack and allow them to dry overnight or at least 6 hours!

Now that you’ve washed your brushes and rinsed them with Dawn, it’s time for drying. You’ll want to lay your brushes out on the counter or in a drying rack so air can flow freely. Keep two essential things in mind during this step:

  • Using a towel to dry your brushes is not advisable because it might worsen things. Instead, use a paper towel or cotton ball to remove excess liquid from the brush handles. This is especially important since your hands will be wet after washing them.
  • Do not put your brushes in the dishwasher!! This can damage them over time, kill bacteria, and cause rusting! And if you have any metal bristles, don’t even think about putting those in there either—they will get ruined by being submerged in water at high temperatures for extended periods (like full-blast hot water).

Makeup Brushes can be cleaned easily with Dawn and water.

If you don’t have any Dawn dish soap and water, you can still clean your brushes using an alternative method:

Mix about a teaspoon of baby shampoo into a small bowl. To complete the bowl, add enough water to fill it to the brim. Afterward, stir thoroughly to mix everything. Immerse your makeup brush into this mixture and swirl around gently until soap dissolves from bristles. Gently rinse out all traces of shampoo and repeat steps three more times (or however many times it takes to get rid of all traces of product buildup). Dry using several paper towels or let air dry overnight (or as long as possible).


Now you can clean your makeup brushes with Dawn and water. Keeping them in good condition will prevent bacteria from growing on them. Try this method at least once a week to ensure they stay clean!

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